Meet Akadia: Your Exclusive Hair Serum Brand

At BoostSante, we've brought you Akadia, a special brand with a variety of hair serums to tackle different hair issues. Whether you want to hydrate, add volume, or solve other hair concerns, this brand has the solution. Uncover the secret to healthier, more beautiful hair with Akadia.

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Akadia Foaming Cleanser for Clear Skin

  - Vitamin C Boost: Fights sun damage, adds radiance. - Skin Renewal: Makes skin smoother and firmer by encouraging new cell growth. - Pore Minimizer: Removes dirt, tightens skin, and reduces visible pores. - Easy to Use: Apply to wet face, lather, wait briefly, and rinse for a quick, effective routine. - Overall Results: Combats sun damage, adds glow, and improves skin texture.

Akadia Vitamin A Hair Serum For Dry Scalp

Akadia Vitamin A Hair Serum moisturizes the scalp and helps keep hair healthy. Vitamin A is essential for your cells to grow, which in turn, helps your hair grow. The latter helps produce an oil called sebum which is the substance that keeps the scalp moisturized and healthy, allowing hair to grow. For more details check the product description below.

Akadia Vitamin B6 Hair Serum for Damaged and Dry Hair

  Using a serum with a blend of vitamin B6 and biotin protein is a great decision to save your hair from being damaged and to solve dryness problems. The Akadia Vitamin B6 Hair Serum is formulated for reducing hair breakage. It is also known to strengthen the hair and make it more resistible to any external factors. If you want to know more check the product description below.

Akadia Vitamin C Hair Serum For Hair Loss

  The use of Akadia Vitamin C Hair Serum with special formulation including Vitamin C and Omega 3 offers your hair the proper nutrients it needs. These nutrients are essential in increasing follicle’s strength preventing hair loss. Ultimately Hair will be Shinier, more radiant, and healthier!!

Akadia Vitamin E Hair Serum for Dyed Hair

   The Akadia Serum formulated with Vitamin E and proteins is beneficial for dyed hair. Vitamin E is known to be the best at strengthening the hair follicles and strands. Hydrolyzed proteins will work on adding the best conditioning effect for the hair. This special blend will protect your hair from the chemicals of hair dye, in addition to helping you in maintaining hair color and shine. To know more check out the full product description below.