Experience the Power of Blanx: Your Smile's Best Friend

We're thrilled to offer the renowned Blanx brand, a leader in advanced dental care. Blanx products are specially formulated with natural whitening effects from Arctic Lichen extract and fluoride salts to enhance enamel brightness and protect against bacteria. Our worldwide delivery service ensures that you can enjoy these exceptional dental care solutions, no matter where you are. Elevate your oral care routine and achieve a brighter, healthier smile with Blanx, all from the comfort of your home.

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Blanx Nordic White-Regenerating,Soothing, & Whitening Toothpaste

Whiten your teeth without compromise. This non-abrasive formula harnesses natural Nordic minerals to gently tackle stains and soothe, moisturize, and regenerate. Enjoy a noticeably brighter smile and improved oral health.

Blanx Whitening Non-Abrasive Toothpaste 75 ml

Say goodbye to stained teeth with BlanX Whitening Toothpaste. With the power of 100% natural Arctic Lichen, it gently restores your teeth's natural whiteness, and you can expect to see noticeable results in just one week.

Blanx Intensive Stain Removal Perfect for Coffee Lovers and Smokers

Calling all coffee lovers! Tired of dealing with stains on your teeth? Blanx Intensive Stain Removal can help you enjoy your coffee without having to worry about the aftermath. Check out more details on this product in the product description and live your life stain free! Should you have any questions tap on the WhatsApp logo to contact us.

BlanX Pen – Teeth Whitening Gel for Quick Whitening

  • BlanX Pen is the whitening treatment, with soft-touch applicator, to take with you to give a glamorous touch to your smile at all times.
  • Peroxide Free - Non Abrasive - Safe.
  • Coswell - Italy.