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BlanX Pen – Teeth Whitening Gel for Quick Whitening

  • BlanX Pen is the whitening treatment, with soft-touch applicator, to take with you to give a glamorous touch to your smile at all times.
  • Peroxide Free - Non Abrasive - Safe.
  • Coswell - Italy.

Biorepair Unwaxed Spongy Dental Floss

  • With stain-removing PVP.
  • Made with the extra-soft spongy filament for regular and wider interdental spaces.
  • Innovative self-cleaning polymer technology and microRepair®, particles made up of the same substance as enamel, which penetrates into places toothbrushes cannot reach.

BlanX Black Charcoal Natural Active Carbon Toothpaste for whiter smile 75 ml

  If you are looking for a white and bright smile, this product is for you! Blanx Charcoal is made of 100 percent natural active carbon toothpaste with non=abrasive anti-stain action, with arctic lichens, extremely soft silica, and fluoride salts to complete the unique formulation for thorough cleaning and intense whitening action. This Product is peroxide free-none abrasive-safe for daily use. Made by Coswell laboratories, Italy. Check out the Product description for more details. Should you have any questions tap on the WhatsApp logo to contact us.