Pure Collagen Plus+Aqua Gel+Blanx Stain Removal

92.50 $

The latter includes 3 boxes of Pure Collagen Plus (one month course)Avene Aqua Gel, and a free Blanx intensive stain removal toothpaste. The offer includes a 10 percent discount on the collagen and aqua gel along with the free gift and no extra delivery charge. Check the product description for more details and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


This offer includes:

  • Pure Collagen Plus, a liquid based collagen supplement that is accompanied by hyaluronic acid, zinc, selenium, and Vitamin. The boxes have 30 ampoules that last for 30 days. To be taken in the morning preferably before breakfast. Peach and lemon flavored.
  • Avene Aqua Gel, a 3 in 1 hydration powerhouse applied in the morning and evening.
  • Free Blanx Intensive Stain removal, use to remove stains. Suitable for all coffee lovers.


Should be stored away from the hands of kids and pets. Benefit from this offer for a limited time only.


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